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DDI full presentation by Erwin February 1 2018

Erwin Schwartz at the DRAGON DEN TV SHOW (Shark Tank in the USA). Shakes hand for a deal with 4 Dragons.

George Ross interviewed by Erwin Schwartz of DDI Heat Exchangers Inc

Energy Recovery Solution Is Environmentally Friendly.

(Green Technology) Plus Saves Big Money.

You already know water is absolutely essential. What most people do not think about is the tremendous energy used and lost by buildings receiving and eliminating water. Imagine your own water consumption for:

  • Showering and using the bathroom
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning

Now multiply that usage by hundreds or thousands for those living in a large commercial multi-family building, being treated in a hospital, or staying at a hotel.

Other large users of water which means using and often wasting energy include:

  • Municipal Waste Water Processing and Treatment
  • Large farms
  • Paper mill
  • Other large industrial plants

Energy Recover Solution Has Patented Technology With Major Benefits Including:

  • Save 20-50% and often more on building heating and cooling costs.
  • Easy to install.
  • Nearly maintenance free.
  • Virtually clog free, no more down time from clogging.