City Sewage Energy

recovering energy from municipal sewage

Recovering Wasted Energy Beneath City Streets

NACE_November December 2014 DDI Heat Exchangers

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DDI Advantages of the DIRECT City Sewage Energy Recovery.

Our system, due to the patented DDI Heat Exchanger,- is much more efficient and less expensive.
Since we do have a Patented VERY WIDE GAP Heat Exchanger – that avoids plugging.
We do not need the “specially designed filter.
Also the DDI Heat Exchanger allows you to recover heat from both the Grey / Black Water of the building itself and the City Sewage which flows under the building, at the same time.

DDI does not need:

  • The capital cost of the Land and the Holding Container cost.
  • The capital cost and maintenance of a Macerator.
  • Nor the Capital cost nor the maintenance of cleaning the Filter.
  • Nor the loss of energy of the heat which is filtered away in the Solid Particles.
  • Nor we need Trash Pump.
  • Nor 10 years to break even (DDI is about 2-5 years depends on the buildings or hotel size).