ECPS cleaning ports

The advantages of using DDI- ECPS- CLEANING PORTS instead of a DOOR and Davit Arm on a Heat Exchanger.

a-      When and if ever plugging occurs- and after automatic back flash option used or not, the next easiest way to clean inside is mechanically via Cleaning Ports at each Channel.

It takes only a few seconds to open a Cover Cap of a Cleaning port, instead of all the bolts that hold the door.

b-      We are investigating ways to zoom directly on the correct plugged channel, so as to open only that Cleaning port.

c-       We can use the methodic system of starting with a channel in the middle and then knowing if the plugging is in the top half or the bottom half, and then to open a port in the quarter section etc till we zoom on the correct channel. Even in this way we might turn 10 caps, it is only a question of a few seconds each. Compared to 2-3 hours or so to remove all bolts of a door and then to reinstall the door and change a gasket.

d-      No risk of leakage in the gasket area.

e-      The Heat Exchanger is less expensive.

f-       No need for Davit Arm.

g-      No need to change Gaskets.

h-      Less weight.

i-        Faster delivery time.

++ DDI-ECPS- Sketch 1 lower Res