How Energy Recovery works:

a-      By transferring the hot energy from the Gray Water of the building, to the cold city water entering the building.

In a Multi family apartments building or Hotel  or Hospital or Industrial building, we achieve Preheating of the cold city water, before the cold city water goes to the common boiler. The energy source we recover from is the Wasted hot water called Grey water that leaves the building, before it flows to the sewage. The result is a substantial reduction in Energy bills to the owners of the building.


b-      In the Sewage Heat Recovery, we utilize the relative difference of the temperature in the City sewage flowing near the building. That Energy can be used to save cost in Heating in the winter and Cooling in the summer, via heat pumps combined with the standard HVAC Heating and Cooling system of the building.


Both methods are using the freely available energy sources that are not utilized but simply WASTED.

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