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Here is a practical and simple solution to save energy which is wasted. And get a Return On Investment within 1-3 years.


USING “Rectangular, Square, Cube” LARGE GAP,



Failed attempts to modify existing Spiral, and Shell and Tube, Heat Exchangers for Heat Recovery application due to PLUGGING or BAKING, led to the development of new breed of “Rectangular, Square, Cube” Large Gap Heat Exchangers that provide worry free, NON PLUG operation, despite presence of stringy and sticky materials in municipal sludge.



DDI Heat Exchangers Inc Designs & Manufactures unique types of Heat Exchangers & Heat Recovery Exchangers with Rectangular channels. Sold via network of Professional Rep’s in USA, Canada and other countries. The Patented Design allows for liquids of very high % solids to flow without Plugging or Baking. Direct-Sludge-to-Sludge Heat Recovery, in Waste Water Treatment Plants or Pasteurization or Molasses or Industrial Processes, or large buildings.


Societal Benefits included are:

The system reduces carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere.

And Heat Recovery and Energy savings (that have become even more critical in every industry) became possible.


(Green Technology) Plus Saves Big Money.

You already know water is absolutely essential. What most people do not think about is the tremendous energy

used and lost by buildings receiving water. Imagine your own water consumption for:

  • Showering and using the bathroom
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry

Now multiply that usage by hundreds or thousands for those living in a large commercialor multi-family building, hospital, Hotel, Laundry.

Other large users of water, which means using and often wasting energy include:

  • Municipal Waste Water Processing and Treatment
  • Large farms

Dairy etc.

  • Paper mill
  • Other large industrial plants like Laundry, Brewery,
    Energy Recover Solution Has Patented Technology with Major Benefits Including:

    • Save 20-50% on building heating and cooling costs.
    • Easy to install.
    • Nearly maintenance free.
    • Virtually clog free, no more down time from clogging.

    For HOTEL with 100 rooms and Laundry and Restaurant

    DDI is offering to the Customer (in order to reduce its initial capital cost) to pay ONLY part of the Capital cost.

    The City can install the HX from their operating budget.

    DDI and the City, both will share the cost of the Energy saved via Heat Recovery by the DDI Direct-Sludge-to-Sludge HX for many, many years.

    DDI-Heat Exchangers Inc, Tel: 514-696-7961




    +DDI SET UP of Sewage Energy Recovery-ver 6-Heat Pump option


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